Experience Management 2002






German Workshop on Experience Management
Sharing Experiences about the Sharing of Experience

Berlin, March 7-8, 2002

Meeting of the German Fachgruppe "Knowledge Management"
- the former Fachgruppen on Case-Based Reasoning and Knowledge Engineering -
of the Fachbereich 1
"Artificial Intelligence" of the German Society for Informatics.

General Outline

Gaining maximum momentum from previous experiences requires intelligent, comprehensive knowledge management methodologies and technologies like Case-based Reasoning or Knowledge Engineering. The aim of this workshop is to foster exchange between practitioners and researchers in intelligent systems for experience management (EM). In particular, we solicit workshop contributions that tackle either the complete knowledge life cycle or parts of it ranging from capture, representation, retrieval, sharing, reuse, maintenance to evaluation of knowledge.

Organized by

Fachgruppe Wissensmanagement
Fachbereich 1 der GI e.V.
Verein für Angewandte Informatik Karlsruhe e.V. (AIK)
Humboldt Universität, Berlin

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